>> The automobile future is air-conditioned.
Vehicle heating and refrigerant circuit constitute the air conditioning system of the vehicle. The desired climate inside the vehicle can be generated irrespective of the outside temperature − an essential contribution to more convenience and enhanced driving safety. The automobile industry contributes to this development by fitting air-conditioning systems almost as standard.

>> Your opportunity: the air-conditioning business.
Air-conditioning systems have to be regularly serviced - a market with potential growth for workshops. With DASIS you have the right partner to help you open up this market. Our years of experience and technical know-how in this field will facilitate your access to this market. Talk to us.Motorkuehlung We will be pleased to advise you in detail.

Prerequisites for the air-conditioning business.
>> Air-conditioning service unit
>> Basic equipment
>> Training with certificate of expert knowledge

We will be pleased to advise you on the purchase of the right air-conditioning service unit. Our experts will advise and inform you about further useful testing equipment and tools.