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Master's certificate Rüdiger DommermuthRüdiger Dommermuth successfully passes the master's examination in the radiator plumbing trade at the Essen Chamber of Crafts.


Rüdiger Dommermuth moves into its first company building in Koblenz-Bubenheim.


Rüdger  Dommermuth moves the company headquarters to the first company building in Mülheim-Kärlich “In der Florinskaul”.

Firmengebäude "In der Florinskaul"


A new company building (workshop with sales) is being built at Hahnenberg 14. The first occupancy takes place in the same year. The welding shop and the radiator construction will remain “in the Florinskaul” for the time being.

Firmengebäude "Auf den Hahnenberg 14"


Elektronischer Gesamtkatalog DASISRüdiger Dommermuth is taking a big step towards digitalization. The first “Electronic Radiator Parts Catalog” appears on CD Rom with a vehicle search. This enables dealers and workshops to identify spare parts more quickly and precisely. This means that DASIS Vertriebs GmbH is a pioneer of TecDoc.


Tobias Dommermuth begins his training in his parents' business.


Expansion of the central warehouse “Auf dem Hahnenberg” by a further 1500m2.



A production hall for welding and radiator construction is being built on Hahnenberg 14.


“At Hahnenberg 12” the storage area is being expanded by adding another hall wing.


A central warehouse is being built on “Gebrüder-Pauken-Straße”. A high-bay warehouse is being built with a storage area of ​​7500m2.


Expansion of the central warehouse on “Gebrüder-Pauken-Straße” by a further 2,000m2 of storage space. 160,000 spare parts are now stocked here.

Erweiterung Zentrallager - Frontansicht
Erweiterung Zentrallager - Frontansicht

Erweiterung Zentrallager - Seitenansicht
Erweiterung Zentrallager - Seitenansicht


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