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Established on the market for 40 years, our coolers impress with their solid construction, high resistance to mechanical influences and external influences, maximum corrosion protection and very high heat and pressure resistance.

We supply water coolers, intercoolers, oil coolers, heat registers and condensers.

We are a company certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and therefore ensure that internal processes comply with international standards for quality management.

We are also certified for welding rail vehicles in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2.

We deliver

 Water cooler


 Oil cooler

 Heating register


Customeroriented, reliable, flexible

Our company is ideally equipped for the production and processing of coolers.

Rail radiators must be designed to withstand the loads and vibrations caused by the movement of the train. Thanks to technology and experience, we can respond flexibly to special customer requests in every cooling area.

DASIS specializes in the maintenance and repair of coolers. In addition to new coolers, we offer our customers network renewals, repair work, special coatings and cooler cleaning. We analyze weak points in the original equipment with the aim of optimizing the coolers and identifying undesirable developments.

Our services include, among other things, revisions of coolers for entire fleets, such as for the ICE3 of German rail.

Special coatings

One of our strengths lies in special coatings. This enables our products to have a longer service life and is adapted to the circumstances and customer requirements.

A special coating ensures corrosion protection and serves as the basis for a long service life of the products.


The properties of our special coating:

  • excellent corrosion protection
  • uniform coating
  • Non-stick (better cleaning properties)
  • Chemical protection (resistant to alkalis, cleaners, etc.)

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