Warranty claim


All evidence (delivery note/invoice) of the purchase of the component by the end customer and of the workshop's purchase from the wholesaler must be enclosed with the package.
In addition, a copy of the vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate) and a detailed initial installation invoice are required.

  • Please note that missing or incorrect information and the resulting queries result in unnecessary costs and time delays.
  • A separate, complete application must be filled out for each component complained about!
  • Additional/consequential costs must be broken down in a comprehensible manner and enclosed with the goods!


Further procedure:

You will receive an application number from us by email, which then entitles you to return the item. Only then can you send the goods back to us “free”*. After receiving the return number, you are entitled to return the goods. Attach the returned return slip clearly visible on the outside of the package!* “free” – the sender bears the return costs.


Please note the processing instructions on the application. Returns that we receive with an incorrectly completed application or without the provided evidence will be sent back to you at a charge.

We would like to ask you to stick to the procedure as this is the only way to ensure smooth processing.

Warranty claim

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