Blower resistance

Blower resistor, also known as heater resistor or blower motor resistor, is an electrical component in a vehicle that controls the speed of the blower motor for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The blower resistor consists of a resistance wire or electronic circuit that controls the flow of current to the blower motor.

The blower resistor allows you to gradually regulate the fan speed by changing the resistance in the circuit. This allows the vehicle operator to adjust ventilation performance as needed, from low speed for quiet operation to high speed for maximum ventilation.

A defective blower resistor can cause blower control problems such as blower motor failure, lack of blower speeds, or constant fan operation at a single speed level. In this case, the blower resistor should be checked and replaced if necessary.

It is important to regularly maintain the blower resistor and ensure that it is functioning properly to ensure efficient ventilation and heating in the vehicle.

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