Air conditioning

A large number of vehicles today are equipped with air conditioning. This also increases the need for services and replacement components for workshops. With DASIS you have the right partner who will enable you to develop this market.

We stock a large range of air conditioning replacement parts. Not just compressors, condensers and dryers. We also supply you with the pressure switches, O-rings and expansion valves you need for a successful air conditioning repair.

Whether it's a classic car, a classic car or the most modern vehicles, in our established workshop we get every air conditioning system back to the “right” temperature. On-site repairs or inspections of construction and agricultural machinery are also no problem for us. Our “climate mobile” is available for such purposes upon prior arrangement.

You can check the availability of the items and initiate the ordering process at any time via our shop Shop.


A special feature is the 360o view. We have now added over 9.000 items to TecDoc and our shop system. This makes it even easier for you to find the right spare part. We are constantly expanding this service for you.

The goods are delivered worldwide and quickly due to the many different transport methods.


Air conditioning function:

The air conditioning ensures that there is a pleasant temperature in the vehicle even in summer when there is strong sunlight and prevents the windows from fogging up when the humidity is high.

Contrary to popular belief, an air conditioning system does not produce any cold - in the vehicle, the heat is dissipated from the driver's cab/passenger compartment to the outside. The refrigerant circulates in a closed circuit and constantly changes its physical state from liquid to gaseous. Heat and moisture are removed from the interior and released to the outside. Constant temperature control is possible in vehicles with automatic climate control. To do this, the driver selects the desired temperature, which is then kept constant.


Air conditioning components



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