Expansion Tank

The expansion tank in a motor vehicle is a part of the cooling system that is used to regulate the pressure and volume of cooling water in the system. The expansion tank is usually made of plastic and is connected to the vehicle's cooling system.


The expansion tank has several functions:

  • Compensation for pressure fluctuations: As the cooling water heats up and expands, the pressure in the cooling system increases. The expansion tank allows excess cooling water and steam to be absorbed to keep the pressure in the system constant.
  • Refilling the cooling system: The expansion tank also serves as a refill tank for the cooling system. If cooling water evaporates or is lost for other reasons, it can be refilled using the expansion tank.
  • Overflow tank: The expansion tank also acts as an overflow tank to hold excess cooling water when the pressure in the system becomes too high.

It is important to check the expansion tank regularly and make sure it is working properly to avoid engine overheating and other problems. If the expansion tank is damaged or leaks, it should be replaced immediately.

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 Expansion Tank


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