Oil cooler

DASIS has a large number of different oil coolers in original equipment quality.

The oil cooler on the combustion engine is a component that is integrated into the engine's oil circuit and ensures the cooling of the engine oil. The oil cooler is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum because these materials have good thermal conductivity.

The oil cooler is divided into two parts - cooling water flows in one chamber and the engine oil flows in the other chamber. Heat exchange is possible via the thin sheet metal and thus ensures the cooling function of the oil.

In combustion engines in which the engine oil is exposed to increased thermal stress - such as air-cooled engines and those used in racing - additional cooling of the oil is necessary. Simple cooling via the oil pan is not sufficient here. An externally mounted oil cooler in the engine's oil circuit has a greater effect.

This principle is used in engine cooling, transmissions and steering.

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 PKW and SUV
 Elektro and Hybrid
 Agricultural machinery
 Construction machinery


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Oil cooler


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