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When it comes to engine coolers, we stock a wide range of products for all common vehicle manufacturers and types. In addition to car and truck radiators, we also specialize in construction and agricultural machinery radiators. Here too, our range has grown steadily and our high and fast delivery capability makes us a valued partner.

The engine radiator is also often referred to as a water radiator or car radiator. The radiator is used to cool the engine and is part of the cooling circuit. In most cases it is supported, among other things: through a thermostat that regulates the cooling circuit. Its job is to bring the engine to the ideal operating temperature as quickly as possible and maintain it.

The cooler consists of water boxes which can be mounted on the left and right or above and below. A cooler network is installed between these. The flow direction of the pipelines indicates the length of the network. The water connections, threads for thermal switches and, in the case of radiators for automatic transmission vehicles, often also the oil cooler connections are attached to the water tanks.

Radiator nets are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. They are made according to the load and the desired design, usually for classic cars.

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Radiator engine cooling


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